How We Work

We are a consignment sales program. We store and show your dress/vest for you. We help connect you to a buyer by:

1. Taking dresses/vests to Try-On Days at dance studio

2. Set up with vendors at feiseanna, where your solo dress & vest is showcased & monitored

3. Show inventory electronically (website, Facebook, Instagram…)

4. Arrange for personal fittings via appointments

We take the pictures. We take the measurements. You supply the costume. We do the work. Ready to sell your dress or vest?!? Contact Us!


What Makes ReFeis That Dress Different?!?

Meet the Dress Gals

Try-On Days

We arrange with dance schools to bring dresses/vests to their school at specific times so dancers, parents and their teacher can all see and approve of the dress/vest together. We bring a variety of choices and you know exactly what you are buying along with how it fits – none of the surprises or concerns from internet shopping.

Attend Feiseanna

Since we transport the dresses/vests, you don’t have to fuss with additional baggage (or be sure to remember the dress!). The dresses/vests are supervised, so there are no messy fingers playing dress-up as your items hang on a ‘sale’ rack in a corner. To ensure your solo dress/vest is getting the exposure, each solo Irish dance costume will attend a minimum of 10 feiseanna a year.

Electronic Inventory

Showing the dresses/vests online allow buyers to see what is in inventory. We can schedule fittings and answer questions. The professional photos and our measurements of each dress upon arrival, make it easier for sellers and create consistency for buyers.

Personal Fittings

If you see a dress you like, but will not be at a listed feis or studio for a Try-On Day, we can arrange to meet with you personally. Be sure to Contact Us to set up an appointment that works for your schedule.


Offering dress/vest rental (with owner approval) for short-term rentals. Those moments when your zipper suddenly won’t go up, that growth spurt hit & things are too short/tight, or needing a temporary fix as you get ready for the next outfit. This is a great option to earn additional money until it sells or you want it back. 

Featured Irish Dance Costumes