Be sure to check back as we finalize our feis schedule for 2018! Also, we are scheduling school showings for 2018. Let us bring the dresses to you!

(This is a great addition for workshops, recitals and other events!)

If you have any questions or think we should attend your feis, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you – Helen & Mandy

The 2018 Feis Schedule:

 Dayton Feis

 Gem City Feis

 Lindsay Marie Memorial Feis

The above feiseanna are a tentative list and may change as dates approach. The feiseanna listed above we contacted about being vendors and plan to be there in attendance. We have reached out to other feiseanna and once we hear from them, we will add them to our list above.

2017 (THANK YOU!):

 St. Louis Irish Arts Feis 

St. Louis Winter Feis 

 Buckeye State Feis   

 Dayton Feis

 Queen City Feis   

 Louisville Feis

 Detroit Feis  

Indianapolis Feis

 Bluegrass Feis  

An Samhra Feis

Friendship Feis

Columbus Feis

Missouri State Championship Feis

Greater St. Louis Feis

 Gem City Feis

 Lindsay Marie Memorial Feis

American Pride Feis

Nashville Music City Feis

Cincinnati Feis